A Stimulus Inflated Stock Market & Trading Privacy for Security

It appears that significant amounts of government stimulus dollars are being used not for necessities but to play in the stock market, so James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana discuss how this happened and how big of a problem it is (01:13). The guys discuss the tradeoffs between security or convenience and privacy in light of a report about an employee for a national security company who used security cameras in customer’s homes to view unsuspecting people’s sex lives (39:41).

$1,400 Stimulus Checks Will Blow Up The Stock Market (Forbes)

The stock market is ending 2020 at record highs, even as the virus surges and millions go hungry (WaPo)

2020 Has Been a Great Year for Stocks and a Bear Market for Humans (Bloomberg)

Home alarm tech backdoored security cameras to spy on customers having sex (Arstechnica)

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