Debt Ceiling and Recognizing a New Normal; Also, Approaches to Living in Times of Uncertainty

Seeing all the handwringing over the debt ceiling and the so called “meteor headed to crash into our economy,” James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana consider whether politics surrounding the debt ceiling illustrate dysfunction or gamesmanship, and the extent to which this is just the new normal (01:17).  The guys also discuss some findings on how living with high levels of uncertainty is difficult for us as humans (37:10).

Biden warns ‘meteor headed to crash’ into US economy amid debt struggle (The Guardian)

As Senator, Joe Biden Opposed GOP Debt Ceiling Votes and Mitch McConnell Hasn’t Forgotten (Newsweek)

Schumer forces debt limit vote to squeeze Republican resistance (Politico)

Democrats Are Holding America Hostage, and Trying to Blame the GOP (Daily Beast)

Our Brains Were Not Built for This Much Uncertainty (Harvard Business Review)

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