Has Wokeness Gone Too Far; Also, Caffeine as the World’s Addiction

James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana discuss wokeness in our society, taking a look at its traditional social justice framing as well as the way it has been made a part of the so called “culture wars” (01:29).  The guys also marvel at the scale of the world’s caffeine additions and consider the implications of this (35:58). 

Where ‘woke’ came from and why marketers should think twice before jumping on the social activism bandwagon (The Conversation)

Why Attacking ‘Cancel Culture’ And ‘Woke’ People Is Becoming The GOP’s New Political Strategy (538)

Woke activists hurt cause with ‘self-righteous toxicity’: left-wing think tank (NY Post)

The invisible addiction: is it time to give up caffeine? (The Guardian)

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