In a Liberal System, Where Do the Bounds of Individual Liberty Come From? Also, Is It Woke to Discuss Juneteenth?

After checking out David Brooks’ thought provoking piece in the Atlantic on the outer limits of liberalism, James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana discuss liberalism as an ideology focused on individual liberty, where the bounds of individual liberty should be, and how the extremes of any ideology can lead to a difficult place (01:31).  The guys also acknowledge Juneteenth and consider whether any honest telling of Black history would be considered woke by some (39:16).

The Outer Limits of Liberalism (The Atlantic)

Liberalism: where did it come from and are its days numbered? (The Economist – YouTube)

Ahead Of Juneteenth, Ron DeSantis Slashes Funding For Black History Programs In Florida (NewsOne)