Reacting to NATO Rediscovering its Purpose; Also, the Sleeping Trait That is a Gift and a Curse

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was put in place over 70 years ago in response to the threat posed by the Soviet Union, and James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana take a look at how the alliance has responded to Russia’s recent aggression in Ukraine and how this aggression has illustrated its continued importance (01:29).  The guys also react to recent research into so called “elite sleepers” and discuss how this trait can be both helpful and harmful in navigating life’s many challenges (40:16). 

How the West Marshaled a Stunning Show of Unity Against Russia (NY Times)

‘Every inch of NATO’: Blinken seeks to deter any Russia thought of pushing beyond Ukraine (WaPo)

What Is NATO’s Article 5? (

Only NATO Can Save Putin (The Atlantic)

Video – Secretary Blinken Says Russian President Putin “Surprised” by NATO Solidarity on Ukraine (CSPAN)

What ‘elite sleepers’ can tell us all about the eight hour myth (Yahoo)

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