Trying Accountability on for Size; Also, the Allure of Conspiracy Theories

The murder conviction of a former Minneapolis police officer is proof that holding police officers accountable for misconduct is possible in the U.S., so James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana consider how society has changed over the last year and how it still needs to change moving forward.
Chauvin’s Conviction Is the Exception That Proves the Rule (The Atlantic)

Why A Guilty Verdict For Derek Chauvin Doesn’t Change The Reality Of Police Violence (538)

The Derek Chauvin guilty verdict is a huge outlier (Vox)

Opinion: After George Floyd’s Death, A Press Release Obscured A Police Murder (NPR)

Here’s what the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act would do (NBC News)

The guys also weigh in on some recent analysis into the kinds of factors which make our brains tend to embrace conspiracy theory thinking.
How You’ve Been Conditioned to Love Conspiracy Theories (Popular Mechanics)

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