What Could Go Right, and Wrong, with Big Tech in Real Estate; Also, Toxic Positivity

Even with Zillow’s decision to get out of real estate buying and selling, the “ibuyer” trend still seems to be just getting started, so James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana discuss the possibilities brought by the entrance of technology companies, and algorithms, into the real estate market (01:23).  The guys also consider the concept of toxic positivity and how being around it can make it harder to deal with adversity (33:27).

Zillow just gave up on ibuying. What’s the deal with the algorithmic home sales? (LA Times)

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What the rest of us can learn from Zillow’s real estate stumbles (Fortune)

Zillow’s flip-flop shows limits for Big Data in property (Financial Times)

Toxic Positivity Is Very Real, and Very Annoying (WSJ)

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