U.S. Politics and Law

Do Bernie’s Policies and His Movement Transcend Identity?

Are identity politics dead or can they still serve a purpose (0:38)? Is there an obligation to support politicians that look like us, or can beliefs transcend identity (10:43)? Are Bernie’s policies viable (14:49)? Could his movement get him elected and

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Why Do Americans Seem to Hate Each Other and Love Fake News?

What about our politics makes Americans hate each other (0:57)? Regardless of the reason, the extreme political polarization is serving the interests of our rivals (24:15). Fake news is driven by demand, but the ability to effectively deliver the supply

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Our American Experiment Threatened

The continued existence of America, as a nation of laws and not men, is being threatened. James Keys, Tunde Ogunlana, and Rob Richardson discuss how patriots must call out these threats and work together to answer them. We must keep America America! (1:

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