Call It Like I See It proves that news and social commentary does not have to be manipulative or sensationalist to be interesting, so join hosts James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana as they take a weekly look at notable news stories, opinion pieces, or products of our culture and break down what they see.

Recent Episodes

Hawaiian Fires, Hot Tub Oceans, and the Question of Whether Environmental Progress is Fast Enough; Also, Do Some Psychopathic Characteristics Offer an Upside?

James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana consider whether the fires in Maui and the hot tub like ocean temperatures off the Florida coast change the big picture concern about climate...

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Trump Fell into the Authoritarian Trap Laid by the Founding Fathers; Also, Feeling Down May Not Always Be a Sign of Mental Illness

James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana react to a piece in the Wall Street Journal which asserts that the founding fathers anticipated a government takeover attempt like Donald Trump’s and...

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UFOs, UAPs and the Perpetual Temptation to Center Ourselves in the Universe; Also, a Power Grab in Israel is Met with Serious and Persistent Protest

Following a Congressional hearing which saw some interesting claims about alien space craft and “nonhuman biologics,” James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana consider how much legitimacy should be given to...

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The Resemblance Between Florida’s New History Teaching Standards the Lost Cause of the Confederacy is Telling; Also, Can Regulating Social Media Save the Children?

James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana react to Florida’s newly approved standards for teaching african american history and consider how they may compare to other efforts to rewrite history, such...

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Behind The Mic

James Keys

Show Host

James Keys, III is the founder and sole member of The Keys Law Firm, PLLC. James is a Registered Patent Attorney who received his Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center and his B.S. in Systems and Computer Science from Howard University.

Tunde Ogunlana

Show Host

Tunde Ogunlana is the founder of Axial Family Advisors. As a Family Wealth Advisor, Tunde focuses on serving client families in all areas of their financial lives. For his career, Tunde has earned numerous securities registrations, earned the designations of Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Practitioner.

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